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#ABKLaw BLOG by Michael Jaccarino:  What does it mean to ATTEMPT to commit a crime?

When does an attempt to commit a crime have equally serious consequences as committing the actual crime itself?

In certain situations, an individual intends to commit a crime but falls short. In other situations, prosecutors charge individuals with attempting to commit a crime that the person had no intention to commit. Either scenario can have drastic consequences for the person charged.

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#ABKLaw BLOG by Michael Jaccarino:  The Importance of the Defense Federal Sentencing Memorandum

Approximately 97% of all federal criminal defendants plead guilty. Over 80% of the remaining individuals who proceed to trial are convicted. There is, therefore, over a 98% chance that a person charged with a federal crime will ultimately face a judge for purposes of sentencing. “How much time am I going to do?” For most individuals, this is a key concern. The following tips will help attorneys and their clients obtain the lowest possible sentence.

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