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Michael DiBenedetto, Esq.

Practice Areas:  Civil Litigation Personal Injury Commercial Litigation Michael DiBenedetto specializes in Civil Law including Personal Injury, Commercial Litigation, Transactional matters, and Divorce and Family Law. Michael was a Judicial Law Clerk to the Honorable Jodi Lee Alper, J.S.C., a General Equity presiding judge in

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ABKLaw BLOG: COVID-19 Post-Employment Checklist

BLOG from #ABKLaw Lawrence Spasojevich, Esq.:  COVID-19 Post-Employment Checklist   As stated in our previous post, unemployment insurance filings skyrocketed last week to almost three (3) million new filings.  The St. Louis District of the Federal Reserve estimates that the COVID-19 freeze could cost forty-seven million

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ABKLaw BLOG: DATs or SAP Summons

BLOG from our #ABKLaw Partner Michael Jaccarino, Esq.:  DATs or SAP Summons You’ve been arrested and given a DAT or a Summons – Now What? Enforcement of low-level offenses in New York City has always been arbitrary and inconsistent.  Examples of such offenses are trespass,

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ABKLaw BLOG: Severance Agreements  

“I am going to make them an offer they can’t refuse”  – Vito Corleone   BLOG from #ABKLaw Lawrence Spasojevich, Esq.:  Severance Agreements   The week March 22, 2020 saw over three million individuals file unemployment claims, the most since 1982, as a result of the economic

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