#ABKLaw BLOG by Michael Jaccarino: RESULTS – “All Criminal Charges Dismissed and Sealed!”


RESULTS - “All Criminal Charges Dismissed and Sealed!”

A client being represented by ABK Partners Michael Jaccarino and John Esposito, who was facing serious assault accusations, had all of her criminal charges vacated in Manhattan Criminal Court last week.  The client, who is a New York City public school teacher, faced potential loss of employment if she were to be convicted of the crimes charged.

Instead,  we were able to raise doubts about the strength of the case and convince the District Attorney’s office to show leniency to our client, which will allow her to remain employed as a teacher. Following her arrest, because our client is employed by the Board of Education, we notified the BOE Office of Personnel Investigation of the arrest, but strongly suggested they wait to see the outcome of our case before they took any negative action against our client.  They agreed, and last Friday, after we informed them of the fantastic result, they notified our client that her case had been closed, and that she would not be suspended, terminated, or reassigned.  Our client is relieved and we are thrilled! Best of all, in 6 months, any record of our client’s’ arrest will be completely sealed from the public’s view.  A great result indeed.

If you know anyone facing criminal charges in New York City, especially if they are a teacher and employed by the NYC Board of Education, contact Michael Jaccarino or any of the criminal defense lawyers at Aidala, Bertuna & Kamins, and we can help you navigate the BOE loopholes and procedures while we fight the criminal case.

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