“Arthur Aidala saved my life.’

— Lawrence Taylor, former NFL Giants football star

“I called Arthur Aidala at 7am when I needed the best lawyer in NYC.”

— Geraldo Rivera for son Cruz Rivera  

“Arthur is a great lawyer — when I needed a lawyer, I hired Arthur Aidala.’

— Alan Dershowitz

“Arthur Aidala is the preeminent lawyer in America.”

— Imus in the Morning

“It hasn’t been an easy time for me at all.” “The legal team that I dealt with. It’s been unbelievable.”

— Joe Benigno, WFAN Sports Radio

Aidala “is a good human being and a loyal friend and someone who speaks the truth.”

— NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, quoted in PageSix

“To work with him as a law partner, I’ve never seen a more positive, dynamic, positive thinking and compassionate attorney than Arthur Aidala.”

— Hon. Barry Kamins, retired New York State Supreme Court Judge

“Well, every once in a while a lawyer comes along like Mr. Aidala who both through the eloquence of his presentation and also the total sincerity that he projects and his great care for his client impresses the court. And I must say I was very impressed at many of the things Mr. Aidala just said on behalf of his client.  As a result, I’m going to impose a sentence less than I originally intended…”

— Senior Federal Judge, Southern District of New York

“I’d have to say that in my thirty years on the bench, in terms of trial lawyers, Mr. Aidala was the tops.”

— Retired Queens County NYS Supreme Court Justice

“I have no problem saying that Mr. Aidala gave the greatest summation that I have seen in my legal career.”

— Suffolk County District Court Judge

“I must tell you that Mr. Aidala and Mr. Romano tried a superb case.”

— United States District Court Judge Southern District of New York

“Today I dropped off my daughter at school and waited for her to go in with her class as I have done for 3 years. Today was the first day that I felt like what I imagine all the ‘normal’ moms feel. No one will ever take away my privilege of being able to drop my kids at school! I’ve been dropping her off at school for 3 years and never was able to smile back at her and mean it the way I meant it today! WHHHHOOOOOHHHHOOOOOOO!”

— K.R. (Successful Defense in Criminal Case)

“You’re definitely one of a kind. Not all lawyers go an extra mile the way you did. Some settle but not you and I will be eternally indebted. Thank you for believing in my innocence.”

— K.J. (Successful Defense in Criminal Assault Case)

“My family is whole again thanks to you. It’s been over five years of being able to feel this joy and it’s all because of you. Not only did you change my life but you changed the lives of three other people in this family. We will eternally be grateful to you.”

— B.C. (Children and Family Services Case)

“Thank you so much for helping me during this stressful time. You have been so generous with your time, knowledge and advice, we are so grateful! You have gone above and beyond to help me. Your compassion and understanding will not be forgotten.”

— E.K. (Civil Breach of Contract Matter)

“Thank you so much, you saved my life! I will try to make the most of it. All the best and my deepest gratitude!”

— E.N. (Client Cleared of Rape Charge)

“I want you to know that your support during this whole ordeal has really meant something! I can tell you genuinely care about my well being and you can't say that for all lawyers.”

— C.M. (Successful Defense in Criminal Assault Case)

“I’m pretty sure you hear this often but you are an amazing lawyer and I want you to always remember that. I was too scared to go forward with what I knew was right for me. Thankfully having you by my side I got the results I hope for and deserved.”

— A.R. (Civil Litigation Case)

“Thank you for everything you have done for my family! You are now a part of our family and always will be! Without you, I wouldn't be where I am today!”

— N.R. (Civil Crane Accident)

“To a superb attorney whose intelligence and compassion and superb legal skills insure a future for our son!”

— J.N. (Parents of Client Cleared in a Sexual Assault Case)

“I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the services provided for my sister. It has provided her with a great sense of relief in restoring her name. On behalf of my family, thanks again for handling this matter so professionally and exercising such compassion.”

— V.H. (Civil matter involving the NYS Office of Children and Family Services)

“The level of professionalism you handled this case with is beyond admirable. I have to say that I will eternally be grateful with you. Not only did you save my career but you made sure my name was cleared, and that is something that will stay with me forever. Thank you for your services.”

— A.S. (Attorney Disciplinary Case)

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