Domestic Violence Lawyers

The phrase domestic violence suggests physical assault and battery, but people are often charged with domestic violence when there is no real violence involved.

Once you are accused of domestic assault, your future is only as good as the defense lawyer you hire. At Aidala Bertuna & Kamins PC, in New York City, we work to minimize your losses on every level: removal from your own home, loss of access to your children, loss of firearm rights, stiff fines and loss of basic freedom. Give us a call now to get the legal help you need. Call 212-486-0011.

How Broad The Charges Can Be

You can be arrested on the basis of any of these nonviolent charges by members of your household:

  • You made a threat
  • You acted in a menacing way toward someone
  • You stalked
  • You harassed, verbally or nonverbally
  • You subjected another person to mental abuse
  • You made disturbing phone calls
  • You violated a restraining order

Once a domestic violence call is made to 911, charges are almost always filed. First of all, the police are basically instructed to always make an arrest; they often do so even if the person who makes the 911 call changes his or her mind.

There is also a disturbing history of people abusing the system and making false accusations to gain an advantage in divorce and child custody proceedings.

Protecting The Rights Of All New Yorkers

True domestic violence is a terrible thing, but the laws in effect today are often enforced without mercy or common sense, and often are rooted in false claims. That’s why you must hire a lawyer who will fight for you with knowledge of the law, familiarity with relevant precedents and experience in exposing the truth underlying these charges.

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