Sealing Your Case & Expungement

You Shouldn’t be Punished Forever

The worst outcome of conviction is the one that lasts the longest — the blot on your permanent criminal record. A permanent criminal record may haunt you when seeking a job, applying to school, obtaining a loan or renting a place to live.

Aidala Bertuna & Kamins PC knows the ins and outs of expungement relief in New York. We can walk with you through this process and assist you in obtaining a Certificate of Relief from Civil Disabilities or a Certificate of Good Standing from the state. We encourage you to call us today to find out more about how we can help. Call 212-486-0011

What Exactly Is Expungement?

Many clients come to us seeking expungement of convictions, in which your negative experience is erased. Under New York law, that can’t happen. What can happen is that your records can be sealed — they still exist, but are inaccessible to all but a few eyes.

When your records are sealed, your arrest and conviction are not included in information sent to employers and other parties. Arrest information, such as fingerprints, palm prints and mug shots, is deleted. The information still exists, but it is not shared.

Some parties may still be shown your sealed information: parole or probation officers, any agency you apply to for a firearms license and the armed forces (if you try to enlist), as well as law enforcement officials.

Not every record is sealable, but we may be able to seal records of juvenile offenses, cases that don’t end in conviction and records of noncriminal offenses. Some, but not all, misdemeanor and felony convictions can be sealed.

A lot of record sealing depends on you, and whether you completed the sentence handed down or submitted to mandatory drug and alcohol treatment.

Taking Action To Make Things Better

Just because you made a mistake does not mean you should be punished forever. Talk to our attorneys about your options.