Woman charged with DWI after losing control on curve

Woman charged with DWI after losing control on curve

A 27-year-old woman is facing charges of DWI after an accident on county Route 37 in New York on Jan. 27 around 10 a.m. According to authorities, the woman lost control of her Volkswagen Beetle on a curve and crashed into a sign dedicated to the memory of a trooper who died in the same spot in 2012.

Both accidents were similar in that the drivers lost control on a curve. The vehicles also hit guardrails and turned over, but the trooper’s rolled several times while in the more recent accident, the vehicle remained overturned.

In the most recent accident, the woman’s car came to rest in a yard near a creek. She was in stable condition at a hospital following the accident and is facing charges of not wearing a seat belt, failure to use a designated lane, DWI and speeding.

An individual who has been charged with drunk driving in a case like this may benefit from a consultation with a lawyer. In drunk driving accidents, police officers may use a number of different techniques to determine a driver’s blood alcohol content. These different methods, which might include field sobriety tests and the use of a Breathalyzer, may have varying degrees of accuracy and use in court. For example, the results of certain field sobriety tests may be subjective, and a Breathalyzer’s results may be dependent on calibration and maintenance.

If evidence suggests that the results of such approaches to testing were not conducting in a way that offers accurate results, it may be possible to dispute a DWI charge. An attorney may be able to review the evidence to find such errors in testing and could use those errors in a defense case in court.

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