Woman charged with DWI after crashing into restaurant

A 79-year-old woman crashed her vehicle into a restaurant in Westchester County at about 7:45 p.m. on May 6, according to New York police. The restaurant was Enzo’s on Mamaroneck Avenue, and the crash left nine people injured. Four of the victims suffered critical injuries, and one victim was treated at the scene while eight others were sent to the hospital for care. Nobody who worked for the restaurant was hurt in the accident.

The woman had been eating at the restaurant just prior to the accident. According to video footage, the woman’s vehicle made contact with another car in the parking lot prior to going forward into the restaurant. The woman, who refused to take a voluntary blood alcohol test, was charged with DWI and eventually released from jail on bail pending a court date on May 10.

Those who are charged with DWI or any other crime related to operating a motor vehicle while impaired may wish to contact an attorney. Legal counsel could review a case to determine how it may be possible to obtain a favorable outcome for a defendant. A favorable outcome might include anything from a plea deal that reduces penalties to having the case thrown out entirely.

A case could be thrown out if an attorney is able to have evidence suppressed such as the results of a blood test or witness testimony. It may also be possible to cast doubt on evidence at trial, which could call into question whether a defendant was legally drunk or impaired at the time of a traffic stop.

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