Two arrested for DUI in New York

Two individuals were taken into custody for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs in Putnam County within three days of each other. The first arrest, which took place during the early morning hours of April 21, occurred on Route 6 in Southeast. The second, which occurred on Oscawana Lake Road, happened on the evening of April 23. Both drivers were eventually charged with operating their vehicles while intoxicated.

The 40-year-old woman arrested on April 21 was charged with driving while intoxicated and additional traffic violations. The officer who pulled her over claimed that he stopped the woman’s vehicle due to erratic driving behavior.

A deputy sheriff carried out the arrest of Shrub Oak man on April 23. The officer allegedly pulled the vehicle over for a broken headlight and loud exhaust. During the stop, the officer claimed he smelled marijuana coming from the vehicle. After reportedly failing a sobriety test, the driver was taken into custody, and his car was impounded. He was then charged with driving while ability impaired by drugs and criminal possession of a controlled substance.

A person convicted of a drunk driving offense can expect anything from a severe fine and loss of license to prison time. Not all arrests result in a conviction because defendants have the right to due process and representation from an attorney. In these cases, the arrested individuals may have been subject to illegal searches or seizures, and it would be the responsibility of their lawyers to discover such rights violations. Should the evidence against the defendant be strong, an attorney might recommend a plea deal in which their client agrees to a lesser sentence such as an addiction rehabilitation program.

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