John S. Esposito Esq.


Location: New York, New York

TELEPHONE: 212-486-0011

FAX: 718-921-3292

Aidala Bertuna Kamins law firm

As partner, Mr. Esposito focuses on civil and commercial litigation, criminal defense and appeals.

Mr. Esposito specializes in criminal trial and appellate practice in both Federal and State Courts. He is admitted to the practice of law in New York and New Jersey. His criminal practice involves all types of criminal defense matters including white collar crimes.

Mr. Esposito is a graduate of Fordham Law School and served seven years as an assistant district attorney under Robert M. Morgenthau in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office.

In addition to his regular practice, Mr. Esposito is currently Special Counsel to the New York State Court Officers Union where he represents court officers charged with criminal offenses as well as in related disciplinary administrative proceedings.  

Mr. Esposito has been counsel in many high-profile cases involving individuals such as William Rapetti in a New York City crane collapse homicide prosecution; William Tager in the NBC shooting and related Dan Rather assault investigation; Peter Guagenti in the Amy Fisher case; and William Rivera in the Harvey Weinstein, “tuxedo magnate kidnapping.”