Take these steps after an accident with a distracted driver

Take these steps after an accident with a distracted driver

As you make your way down the road, do you ever take note of other drivers who are not paying attention to the task at hand?

While distracted driving doesn’t always lead to an accident, it definitely increases the likelihood of something bad happening. Unfortunately, if you’re in close proximity to a distracted driver, you could soon find yourself involved in a crash.

In the event that you’re involved in a motor vehicle accident, there are several steps you need to take. Consider the following:

  • Conduct a health check. Your health is more important than anything else, so check yourself for injuries. If you’re in position to do so, you should also examine your passengers. Remember, just because you’re uninjured doesn’t mean that others are as lucky.
  • Contact an ambulance and the police. An ambulance can provide you and any other injured individuals with medical care at the scene. The responding officer can take control of the accident scene, provide assistance, and create a report based on his or her findings.
  • Exchange information. This is something you should definitely do if you’re in condition to converse with the other party. However, if you’ve been injured, you may not be able to exchange information. Once again, this is why you want police to arrive as soon as possible.
  • Receive medical treatment. Regardless of your injuries, you want to receive medical attention as soon as possible. An ambulance can take you to a local hospital to ensure that you’re treated in the appropriate manner.
  • Learn more about your legal rights. Once you understand your injuries and treatment options, it’s time to focus on your legal rights. If a distracted driver caused the accident, this person can be held responsible for your injuries and other damages.

As you probably know, distracted driving remains a major problem in New York as well as the rest of the country. Although you do your best to focus on the road at all times, other drivers don’t take this level of caution. Instead, they text and drive, talk on the phone, and converse with passengers.

If a distracted driver caused your accident, don’t wait to receive medical treatment and learn how to hold this person responsible for his or her actions.