Study examines way to curb underage drinking

New York parents may be interested to learn that a study examining underage drinking found that teenagers and young adults who came from households with clear rules about alcohol usage were less likely to drink. The study surveyed more than 1,100 teenagers and young adults and found that about 58 percent of households had rules about alcohol usage.

Teenagers from those households were less likely to go to parties where alcohol was served and if they did attend those parties, they were less likely to drink at them. Researchers said that they should examine whether it was possible to teach parents to make rules that would help prevent teenage drinking.

Experts who were not involved in the survey made suggestions for future studies. For example, since the majority of participants in the survey were white, results might differ for other demographics. One professor suggested that doing research on what kind of rules work best might help guide parents as to whether they should prohibit their children from attending parties or simply prohibit underage drinking. Furthermore, data including religion and parents’ own histories with and attitudes toward drinking might also be instructive. Experts say the research is important for curbing underage drinking because it is connected with drunk driving among other problems.

Drunk driving can be a serious offense whether it is a minor or an adult facing charges. A person facing drunk driving charges might suffer career repercussions or repercussions at school in addition to the legal issues. If a conviction is obtained, penalties might include jail time, fines or license suspension. People who are in this situation may want to have the help of an attorney in combating the charges.

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