Man charged with DWI after traffic stop.

Man charged with DWI after traffic stop.

A man visiting New York from out of state faces accusations of DWI after being stopped by police on June 22. After being tested for the presence of alcohol in his bloodstream, the man was charged and released. The town of Clarkson has issued a ticket to him that demands his return to appear in court on July 13.

At 1:28 a.m., a state policeman pulled over a 31-year-old man from Connecticut for allegedly violating a traffic law. He had been traveling through Clarkstown on I-87 when the police officer stopped him. Reports indicate that after the interviewing the man, the officer had reason to suspect that he was drunk.

The suspect was transported to a New York State Police facility in the nearby town of New Rochelle, where he was tested for alcohol and other intoxicants. Police reported that their tests recorded a blood alcohol level of 0.09%, an amount in excess of the legal limit. Based on the evidence that they had amassed, authorities charged the man with one count of Driving While Intoxicated.

Anyone who has been charged with drunk driving or similar offenses has the right to be represented in their dealings with the court by an attorney. The lawyer may be able to offer advice about the most effective ways to mitigate the charges. It could be possible to contest the evidence presented and to prove the defendant’s innocence in court. The attorney may also negotiate with the prosecution and attempt to reach an agreement that lessens the penalties.

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