‘Jackass’ star pays $15,000 bail after drunk driving arrest

‘Jackass’ star pays $15,000 bail after drunk driving arrest

Bam Margera, one of the stars of “Jackass”, is well known by fans in New York who enjoyed the wild stunts on the show. Although one of his close friends died while driving drunk in 2011, Margera apparently continues to struggle with alcohol. The new father has expressed in the recent past his desire to become sober.

California Highway Patrol officers arrested him earlier in January after he apparently failed a field sobriety test. This resulted after he drove by highway patrol officers engaged in another traffic stop. As he passed them at a low rate of speed, officers reported that they signaled for him to pull over as well because they saw him on his phone. When officers spoke to him, they said that he smelled of alcohol.

Law enforcement also collected a breath sample from Margera before charging him with DUI. Although this was his first arrest for drunk driving, authorities set his bail aggressively high, at $15,000, instead of the typical $5,000. He arranged for his release from jail on his own recognizance.

In the aftermath of a drunk driving arrest, a criminal defense attorney could strive to get charges reduced or dismissed if the evidence appears open to challenge. Mistakes during a field sobriety test or a malfunctioning breath test device could provide a reason to call for the removal of evidence. Even if the results of a sobriety test remain in place, an attorney could still negotiate with a prosecutor for a light sentence and initiate the process of reinstating the person’s drivers license.

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