Crackdown on DWI over St. Patrick’s Day weekend

Crackdown on DWI over St. Patrick’s Day weekend

Throughout the state of New York, law enforcement at all levels will be out over the weekend of March 16 to March 18 as part of the state’s STOP-DWI crackdown. The aim of the event is to have fewer injuries and deaths related to impaired driving.

The initiative is funded by the New York State STOP-DWI Association and the STOP-DWI Foundation. It targets specific holidays when there is a greater likelihood that people might be driving under the influence. In addition to St. Patrick’s Day, other times of year include Super Bowl weekend, the December holiday season, Halloween, Labor Day Weekend, the Fourth of July and Memorial Day.

There is a mobile app called “Have a Plan” that can be downloaded to help people find a ride home. People are also encouraged to plan ahead and select a person to be the driver and remain sober.

People who are charged with drunk driving may want to consult an attorney. Even a drunk driving charge that does not involve an accident or that is a first-time offense can have serious consequences such as the loss of license or a fine. People who work in certain positions, such as politics or education, might have their jobs affected by drunk driving charges. However, an attorney might be able to get some charges reduced or dismissed. The attorney may look at how evidence was gathered and whether the person’s rights were violated as well as the accuracy of any tests and accounts from law enforcement. A person might also be able to plead guilty to a lesser offense as part of a plea bargain and receive a lighter penalty.

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