2 pulled over in tractor-trailer for weapons, DWI

2 pulled over in tractor-trailer for weapons, DWI

According to the New York State Police, two men were taken into custody after a traffic stop of a tractor-trailer on I-87. The incident happened near Colonie on Jan. 19.

Troopers were alerted by reports of a big rig that was allegedly weaving on the interstate. The officers saw a Volvo tractor-trailer that they stated was moving unsafely in and out of lanes. The truck was pulled over. A 46-year-old Texas man was driving the commercial vehicle, and a 25-year-old Texas man was a passenger.

Troopers asked the driver to submit to roadside sobriety tests, and he reportedly failed. After he was taken into custody, the officers reportedly found a loaded handgun that was located in the cab of the tractor-trailer. The 25-year-old man was taken into custody for possessing the weapon. The driver is now facing a DWI of a commercial vehicle. The passenger is reportedly facing felony and misdemeanor weapons charges. It is unclear whether a bond was set or if the men remain in jail.

Charges of drunk driving can result in serious penalties. When commercial truck drivers are charged with the offense, they may face the loss of their jobs and licenses in addition to jail, mandatory alcohol classes, stiff fines and other penalties. People in this type of a situation may benefit by retaining experienced criminal defense lawyers who can analyze the facts to determine the most appropriate defense strategies to raise. In some cases, a challenge could be made to the traffic stop itself or to the subsequent sobriety tests as being conducted incorrectly.

Source: News 10, “2 Texas men pulled over in Colonie for DWI and weapons in a tractor trailer“, Jan. 20, 2018