On Nov. 11, it was reported that a woman who was accused of killing her husband during a New York kayaking trip was sentenced to four years in prison. The woman had already been in custody for two years. Additionally, she was ordered to pay $5,000 in fines.

On April 19, 2015, the 37-year-old woman and her 46-year-old fiance were kayaking on the Hudson River when his kayak capsized. The woman was taken into custody and charged several weeks later. In May of the same year, the man’s body was found. The woman was charged with second-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter after prosecutors claimed that she removed a plug from the fiance’s kayak, causing it to sink. Initially, she pleaded not guilty to both to the charges.

Several weeks before the case was set to go to trial, the woman and the prosecutors reached an agreement. She pleaded guilty to negligent homicide after admitting that she should have perceived that there were increased risks regarding the state of the water that day. However, she maintained that she never intended to kill her fiance.

When a person is accused of committing violent crimes, the punishments he or she faces is severe and life-changing. In many cases, the consequences can include years or even decades in prison. The charges can even cause a person to be unable to find gainful employment due to his or her criminal record. An attorney may defend the person against the charges by demonstrating that the evidence does not match or support the prosecution’s statements. Additionally, the attorney may show instances where the prosecution or the authorities violated the person’s rights during the investigation.

Source: ABC News, “Woman in New York kayak murder case sentenced to 4 years in prison for fiance’s death“, Keturah Gray, 11/08/2017

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