Woman charged after getting married ten times

Woman charged after getting married ten times

A New York City woman has been charged with multiple criminal violations after it was discovered that she had been married to multiple different men at the same time. The 39-year-old Manhattan resident was scheduled to be arraigned in the Bronx Supreme Court. It is alleged that over the period from 1999 to 2010 the woman obtained a legal marriage with no less than ten men.

All these marriages were within the state of New York. She reportedly used the same identifying information on every application, from the name of her parents to her social security number. However, she did not obtain a divorce from any of the men. No official reason has yet been given, but observers did note a similar case in 2010 where a woman married several men in order to confer American citizenship upon them.

The specific charge against the woman is that of filing a false instrument, and she faces two separate counts. The District Attorney of the Bronx stated that her filings of marriage applications that she knew to be false and her creation of fraudulent marriage licenses were the basis of the charges. It was not reported as to whether she would face these charges in the first degree, which is a felony, or the second degree, which would be a misdemeanor.

Those who seek to defend themselves from felony charges may wish to consult with an attorney about organizing their response to the prosecution’s charges and presenting their case in court. Although not all cases go to trial, the assistance of the attorney may be welcome in the eventuality that it does.

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