A New York women was taken into custody on Nov. 9 after she was accused of collecting $18,000 in welfare benefits even though she was employed. The 34-year-old Oneida resident reportedly collected welfare over the course of a year from two different state welfare agencies.

Authorities reportedly began investigating the woman for welfare fraud in October 2014 after they learned through an anonymous tip that she was gainfully employed while collecting benefits. She reportedly received more than $15,000 in workers’ compensation benefits that she was not entitled to in addition to more than $2,500 in food stamps, also known as SNAP benefits.

The women was facing charges for 20 counts of third degree grand larceny, fourth degree welfare fraud, fourth degree grand larceny and third degree insurance fraud. She was also accused of making sworn statements that appeared to be false. She was being held on $25,000 bail at the Madison County Jail.

Fraud, embezzlement and other state and federal white-collar crime allegations have serious consequences that could potentially include a ruined reputation, the potential revocation of professional licenses and an end to the person’s career. Additionally, those who have been charged with these types of crimes could face a prison sentence if convicted and be required to repay any money that they may have allegedly obtained through fraud in addition to hefty fines. A criminal defense attorney may help such a defendant by gathering any information and evidence that could indicate that the defendant was not involved in the fraud scheme or, in some cases, that the alleged involvement was unwitting.

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