Woman accused of bring weapons to 9/11 memorial

Woman accused of bring weapons to 9/11 memorial

A tourist was reportedly taken into police custody on Aug. 1 after she was accused of bringing weapons to the Sept. 11 memorial in New York. Authorities stated that the woman, who was from Texas, told a police officer that she was in possession of the weapons and they were in a backpack.

Family and friends of the woman stated that she was a military veteran who had the proper permits to carry firearms in her state. She allegedly believed that the permit would allow her to also carry weapons in the state of New York. However, she was immediately taken into custody after she asked an officer where she could store the weapons while she was visiting the memorial. She reportedly spent the night in jail.

The woman was ultimately charged with criminal possession of a weapon. She was released on Aug. 2 with orders to return to court on Aug. 28.

When a person is facing charges for weapons crimes, they could potentially be facing serious consequences that could include a jail sentence, hefty fines and probation. In some cases, the charges can result from misunderstandings of weapons laws or failing to obtain the proper permits if the person is coming from out of state.

Depending on the circumstances of the case, a criminal law attorney may create a strong defense in order to avoid the strict consequences or reduce the potential consequences. For example, if the charges were caused by a misunderstanding of the law, the attorney may potentially have the ability to negotiate with the prosecution. The accused person may plead guilty to a lesser charge but may avoid a prison sentence in exchange for probation or fines.