On Nov. 30, New York authorities said that two twin brothers were charged with the murder of a 35-year-old man. The man’s body was found floating in the water near Brooklyn with a cinder block bound to his ankles. It appeared that the man had been beaten to death with a hammer.

Authorities allege that on or around Aug. 30, one of the brothers struck the man in the head with the hammer while attempting to rob him in their apartment. The other brother was then allegedly recruited to help with the disposal of the body in water. The man’s body was recovered from the Mill Basin Inlet located off East 58th Street and Avenue U. This area is located just blocks from where the man lived with the twin brothers.

On Sept. 6, the brothers were traveling on Interstate 70 in Indiana when an officer conducted a traffic stop on their vehicle for a license plate violation and tailgating. When the officer asked for the driver’s license, the brother who was driving sped off. One brother reportedly attempted to escape by entering a nearby store, but he was taken into custody. While searching the vehicle, cops found a hammer covered in blood. In addition to pleading guilty to charges associated with this incident, the brothers were held for extradition to New York, where they were to face murder charges.

Being charged in connection to violent crimes, including murder, can have a major impact on people’s life. In some cases, someone could be sentenced to decades in prison even if he or she does not have a previous criminal history. A criminal law attorney may cast doubt on the events that allegedly occurred. In some cases, a lawyer may argue that the alleged crime occurred while the accused person was attempting to defend him or herself.

Source: New York Daily News, “Twin brothers busted for their roles in mob-style murder of Gambino family associate Carmine Carini Jr.“, Christina Carrega, 11/30/2017