A report from the New York State Police described the suspect in the deadly shooting in Waterloo as having self-inflicted cuts on his wrist and neck when they arrested him. A tip alerted law enforcement to the 58-year-old man’s presence at the Cheerful Valley Campground in Phelps a few hours after a shooting that killed a 53-year-old woman and 45-year-old man and injured a 50-year-old woman.

The survivor received treatment at Strong Memorial Hospital. Police took the man suspected of homicide to the same hospital for treatment of his wounds.

Upon his release from the hospital, the man went to his arraignment. Prosecutors charged him with two counts of second-degree murder but have not ruled out the possibility of more criminal charges. Authorities continue to investigate the shooting.

When a person stands accused of violent crimes, the stakes will be high because a prison sentence could result from a conviction. The representation of a criminal defense attorney could guide a person through the criminal justice system. An attorney could evaluate the evidence to see if it clearly points to the person or is open to debate. Questionable evidence or testimony from unreliable witnesses might give an attorney reasons to request a reduction of charges or a case dismissal. Legal advice might also help a person make a decision about going to trial or pursuing a plea bargain. At trial, an attorney might strive to select a sympathetic jury and cast doubt on evidence. If a plea bargain is offered, an attorney could offer an opinion about its suitability before the person accepts or rejects it.

Source: 13 WHAM, “All 3 victims in Waterloo shooting identified; suspect charged with murder“, July 13, 2018

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