Authorities are holding a 31-year-old woman at the Monroe County Jail without bail. Police investigators allege that she shot and killed a 33-year-old woman from Brockport. The victim had been taking a lunch break from her job at Lowe’s in a nearby park when investigators believe the other woman shot her in the head. When exiting her court arraignment, the suspect directly said no when a reporter asked if she had committed the murder.

The sheriff said the two women had no known relationship, and he described the killing as random and senseless. The woman accused of the crime grew up in the region but moved away in 2014. She had returned to the area three days before the killing and was renting a room at a local Holiday Inn, where police arrested her.

A 911 call made by an employee of a restaurant near the hotel led police to the suspect. The employee had been leaving work at Sticky Lips when she said the suspect yelled at her. The restaurant worker got into her car and then the suspect allegedly aimed a gun at her head. The person drove away but returned to her workplace and called police. They soon located the woman at the hotel and arrested her.

When authorities charge someone with violent crimes, the accused could benefit from legal representation. An attorney could examine the evidence to see if it can support the charges as filed. Any weakness in evidence might enable an attorney to ask for a reduction of charges. Legal advice could also help the defendant understand the meaning and potential penalties of criminal charges.

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