An 18-year-old male student reportedly waited for New York law enforcement to arrive at the assistant principal’s office of the Urban Assembly School for Wildlife Conservation after allegedly attacking two students with a switchblade knife. Between 15 and 20 students witnessed the knife attack that took place 15 minutes into their history class. Authorities have charged the student with murder, attempted murder and manslaughter after he apparently killed one boy, 15, and seriously wounded 16-year-old boy.

The student who died suffered a stab wound to the chest. The surviving victim experienced wounds to the chest and side. A hospital reported his condition as critical but stable. In the aftermath of the attack, school administrators locked down the building. Students hid in their classrooms and closets. Parents rushed to the school but had to wait for hours before their children were released.

Investigators said that a dispute among the three boys had been going for roughly two weeks. Just prior to the attack, the boys had been seen throwing paper at each other. The suspect then abruptly attacked them with a knife. He left the classroom, gave the weapon to a school counselor, and awaited his arrest quietly.

Any person accused of violent crimes has a right to speak with an attorney. The advice of an attorney might help a client process accusations made by authorities. An attorney could inform the client about rights before answering questions from law enforcement. As part of a defense strategy, an attorney could question the suspect’s association with the crime or launch negotiations for a plea bargain that limits the potential penalties.

Source: US News, “Teen Arrested on Murder Charges in Fatal NYC School Stabbing“, Sept. 27, 2017

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