Practice Areas

Skilled Legal Advice and Aggressive Defense

Civil Litigation

Skilled Legal Advice and Focused Action

In a perfect world, protecting and asserting your rights wouldn’t be that difficult. Everyone would look out for each other, as a matter of personal or societal duty.

That is not our world. It’s much more complicated. If you are in a legal dispute, you need skilled legal advice and focused action to achieve your goals.

At Aidala Bertuna & Kamins PC, we can handle a wide range of civil disputes, from appellate law, through attorney disciplinary, employment, personal injury, and real estate.

CRiminal Defense

Aggressive Defense, No Matter What The Charge

The defense our attorneys offer will also be strong, smart and strategic.

When representing you, our goal is to achieve an outcome that is satisfactory to you and your loved ones.

Our first objective is the outright dismissal of charges. Our lawyers are ready to fight for you in court, to negotiate a deal with the prosecution or, in the event of conviction, to fight for your freedoms as we would for our own.

At Aidala Bertuna & Kamins PC, we can help you do that. Give us a call on 212-486-0011 to discuss your specific situation. From our offices in Manhattan and Brooklyn, we serve clients throughout the New York City area.

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