A female psychiatrist has entered a not guilty plea in a Manhattan court. She also declared her innocence to media reporters outside the courthouse. The prosecution, however, paints a different picture that resulted in charges of second degree attempted murder and first degree attempted assault.

The district attorney claims that she manipulated one of her patients into attempting to murder her ex-boyfriend, another doctor, who also is her child’s father. The patient involved in the case said that she molded him into a killer and controlled him like a puppet.

The plot allegedly involved the male patient entering the ex-boyfriend’s home and bludgeoning him with a sledgehammer and stabbing him with a knife. The victim survived the attack and has custody of the female defendant’s child at this time. To support the charges, the prosecution provided surveillance images that showed the defendant with her patient buying a sledgehammer at a store. This event took place the day before the attack on her ex-boyfriend.

Any person accused of violent crimes could go to prison after a criminal conviction. An attorney who represents criminal cases could provide support that protects a defendant’s rights. At the time of arrest, an attorney could provide advice before a person answers questions from the authorities. An attorney also might examine the evidence to see if it can support the charges filed against someone. Any weakness could create an opportunity for a lawyer to ask a prosecutor to reduce the charges. If a case goes to trial, an attorney could work toward building a sympathetic jury and cast doubt on the evidence that connects his or her client to a crime.

Source: CBS New York, “Manhattan Psychiatrist Charged In Attempted Murder Of Ex-Boyfriend,” Oct. 20, 2017

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