New York man arrested with large quantities of fentanyl narcotic

New York man arrested with large quantities of fentanyl narcotic

Fentanyl is a synthetic narcotic that black market drug dealers have been adding to heroin and cocaine supplies according to a statement from a special narcotics prosecutor in New York City. An investigation led by the Queens Narcotics Major Case Squad confirmed this trend when it arrested a suspected drug trafficker and found large amounts of fentanyl valued at $10 million in his car.

Detectives had been monitoring the man and stopped his vehicle in Parkchester where Leland Avenue intersects with Archer Street. In the back seat, police officers reported finding two Styrofoam coolers packed with plastic-wrapped raw fish and chili. According to investigators, they removed almost 9 pounds of fentanyl hidden in plastic packaging inside the food packets.

The prosecutor described the large quantity of fentanyl as enough narcotic to cause 1 million overdoses. Authorities have set the suspect’s bail at $150,000 and charged him with drug possession.

An arrest that causes a person to be charged with a felony could ultimately lead to a conviction that sends a person to prison. When confronted by such a life-altering situation, a person might want the representation of a criminal defense attorney. To prepare a defense, an attorney might first evaluate the evidence to see if it could realistically support a conviction on the charges as filed. Any signs of weakness in evidence might provide an opportunity for an attorney to request a reduction of charges. Inappropriate actions by law enforcement, like an unlawful search and seizure, could also enable an attorney to ask a court to throw out the evidence because its collection violated the person’s rights.