A judge set mixed martial arts fighter Conor McGregor free on $50,000 bail following a melee at the Barclay Center during a media event. The purpose of the event was to publicize a series of fights set to take place in Brooklyn. McGregor, the best-known fighter in MMA, is facing one count of criminal mischief and three counts of assault. The Ultimate Fighting Championship had announced its intention to strip him of his title, and the incident is believed to be related to that. McGregor turned himself in to police after video of the incident went viral.

In the video, McGregor and others appear to be using objects, including metal barricades, to shatter windows on a bus of fighters as it is leaving the event. According to the UFC president, two fighters on the bus were injured. One was cut by a dolly and another suffered cornea scratches from shattered glass.

McGregor’s attorney said the bail package was appropriate given he had no criminal history and was so recognizable. McGregor, who is Irish, was also given permission to leave the country prior to his June 14 court appearance.

A person who is facing charges for violent crimes such as assault might want to discuss a strategy for defense with an attorney. Depending on the nature of the crime and the evidence, the person could be offered a plea deal by the prosecution. This would be an opportunity to avoid a trial and plead guilty to lesser charges in exchange for a reduced sentence. However, this might still leave the person with a criminal record. The person might want to turn down a plea deal and instead go to trial and plead not guilty.

Source: Reuters, “MMA fighter McGregor freed on bail after Brooklyn melee“, Roselle Chen, Gina Cherelus April 5, 2018