A New York man was taken into police custody after he was accused of fatally stabbing a 30-year-old during a fight. The incident occurred in the 200 block of Moulton Street in Watertown.

During the preliminary hearing, a witness claimed that, during the fight, the accused 34-year-old man allegedly punched the 30-year-old man several times in the chest. She said another individual, a woman, hit the man in the head before another person struck the man in the back with a pool stick. After the fight, the accused man and other unidentified man left the home. The witness said that she saw blood on the 30-year-old man’s torso. He was taken to the hospital and was pronounced dead due to stab wounds about an hour after the incident took place.

The accused man was later found at a hotel in Syracuse where he was taken into custody. He allegedly acknowledged to the authorities that he had been in a fight at the party. He said that a man grabbed him by the neck. He alleged that he punched the man and then left the house. He was charged with murder.

Those who are accused of being involved in violent crimes could face serious punishments that include a lengthy prison sentence and probation. If the person died during the alleged crime, an accused person could even face life in prison. A criminal law attorney could mount a strong defense on behalf of the accused person depending on the evidence the prosecution has. It could be argued that the defendant was acting in self-defense.

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