A 27-year-old Waterbury man is facing murder charges in the death of a 16-year old girl who was found dead in a car on Dec. 4. According to the man, who has several children by the girl’s aunt, he killed her after she threatened to inform his girlfriend about their relationship.

The man initially told police that he was with the girl and her boyfriend in Waterbury. He claimed they had an argument and there were gunshots. He ran from the car after seeing the girl slumped and did not know the name of the boyfriend. However, his story was inconsistent, and he later said that only the two of them were in the car and he was driving. He said they got into an argument, and the girl had a knife. He also said she pulled a gun from the car’s console that went off as they were fighting over it. He crashed the car and left the scene.

Police confronted the man about the possibility that the girl was pregnant and that the two had a sexual relationship. Eventually, the man admitted to this. The girl’s family said they were unaware of the relationship. The man is also facing charges on weapons violations.

There are several different approaches an accused offender might want to take in defense for a violent crime. If there is a great deal of evidence, that defendant might want to go to trial and try to prove that the death was an accident. The person might also opt to skip the trial if a plea deal is offered. This would involve pleading guilty, possibly on reduced charges, and serving a lighter sentence.

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