A New York man who was accused of murdering two former colleagues in cold blood was indicted on murder charges on Feb. 22. The man, age 32, had worked at the same loan business as the former colleagues until he left after a reportedly bitter dispute.

The incident occurred on Jan. 24 when the man allegedly walked into the company’s back office. He reportedly then fired three shots at each of the men. Both men died at the scene. When questioned by his parole officer, he stated that he did not own a vehicle that was spotted nearby immediately after the incident, even though there was supposedly video showing him inside it. He was ultimately charged with murder and criminal possession of a weapon. He pleaded not guilty to the charges.

The accused man was on parole at the time the murders occurred as he had completed a prison sentence for charges relating to using a gun during a violent crime. He has remained in custody without bail since Jan. 25 for violating probation.

Those who are accused of violent crimes may be facing consequences that could include a lengthy prison sentence. They could also become unemployable and have trouble finding a place to live or earning any sort of income once they finish their sentence. A criminal law attorney may create a strong defense strategy depending on the types of evidence that the prosecution has against the accused individual. If, for example, the prosecution does not have strong evidence that a person was involved or there is evidence that the authorities did not follow proper procedure, the attorney may seek to reduce the charges or even ask for them to be dismissed.

Source: DNA Info, “Former Employee Indicted for Murder of Loan Officers, Prosecutors Say“, Nicholas Rizzi, Feb. 22, 2017