Federal terrorism charges

Federal terrorism charges

There may be New York residents who can benefit from understanding more about the charges associated with accusations of terrorism. According to applicable federal statutes, terrorism may be described as dangerous or violent acts that endanger human lives and violate laws with the intent to coerce or intimate a civilian population, influence government policy or disrupt government through destructive means, including kidnapping and assassination. Terrorism may be international or domestic, depending on the jurisdiction where the offense occurred.

A conviction of homicide or killing a U.S. national could qualify for the death penalty or a life sentence. When the ruling is voluntary manslaughter, the prison sentence may be limited to 10 years. If the conviction is for involuntary manslaughter, the prison sentence may be limited to lasting no longer than three years. Internationals convicted of attempt or conspiracy involving homicide against a U.S. national may face up to 20 years in prison.

When multiple parties are convicted of committing overt acts in conspiring against the subject, the defendants may be fined or sentence to any length of prison. People who commit violent acts or injure American nationals overseas may be charged with paying fines and serving up to 10 years in jail. The U.S. Attorney General is responsible for pursuing criminal prosecution against any intent to retaliate against, coerce or intimidate the U.S. government or civilian population.

A person who has been accused of being involved in international or domestic terrorism may benefit from consulting a criminal defense lawyer. Legal counsel may be prepared to investigate the terroristic act charges and assist in gathering evidence that can help exonerate the defendant. Counsel may also focus on discrediting the prosecution’s case by exposing any misconduct or mismanagement by the authorities involved.