Celebrity manager admits to embezzlement, fraud

New York residents may be interested in learning that Alanis Morissette’s entertainment manager embezzled $4.8 million from her. He also admitted to embezzling about $2 million more from two other clients who were not named.

The man, who was charged with wire fraud and the failure to disclose the embezzled funds on his tax return, admitted to embezzling more than $6.5 million from his clients. He said that he did this by falsely classifying the unauthorized cash withdrawals as funds that were used for his clients’ home renovations. Additionally, he also acknowledged that he owed more than $1.7 million in federal income taxes to the IRS as none of the embezzled income was included on his tax return for that year.

The entertainment and sports manager is scheduled to make his court appearance on Feb. 1. If and when he pleads guilty to the charges, he potentially faces up to 23 years in prison. However, it is more likely that he will spend about four to six years in federal prison based on the plea agreement.

White collar crime charges, such as fraud or tax evasion, can result in serious consequences that could potentially include a lengthy sentence in a federal prison and the requirement to pay back the money that was allegedly embezzled or stolen. A white collar crime a lawyer may find evidence that shows that the accused individual was not involved in the crime or unknowingly became involved in the crime. If the evidence against the accused person is strong, the attorney may draft a plea bargain that reduces the severity of the charges or potential consequences.

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