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Police Catch Man Who Was Shining Laser Pointer At Buffalo Bills Players

Following the Buffalo Bill’s 17-14 win over the Detroit Lions on Sunday, team officials for Buffalo filed a formal complaint with the NFL that a Detroit fan was shining a laser pointer at several players during the game last Sunday. Quarterback Kyle Orton and holder Colton Schmidt said they had the laser directed at them during crucial plays of game.

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Arrested NYC Teachers and DOE Employees – Collateral Consequences And Reporting Requirements

Teachers, like everyone else, are subject to the laws of New York State and New York City. When a teacher violates one of these laws, whether it occurs in or outside of their school, they will be arrested. However, unlike normal citizens, New York City public school teachers must deal with not only the arrest itself and the crimes charged, but more importantly, the effect that the arrest and the prosecution will have on their job and career. Unfortunately, the consequences can be felt immediately and well before the case has a chance to make its way through the criminal justice system.

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