A husband was taken into custody for the alleged murder of his wife on December 27, 2017. The 22-year old victim was found in the basement of their brownstone. The husband is accused of pushing the victim down the stairs leading to the basement. They had been married for just nine months.

Police say he fled the home, leaving his 2-year old daughter behind. Police also say there were bruises on the victim’s neck. Upon hearing the news, one neighbor didn’t recall the couple having any problems and remembered the couple and their young child as a pleasant family who did their laundry together.

Neighbors heard the couple’s child crying that morning and realized they had not seen the victim for some time, which prompted them to call 911. The NYPD was investigating whether they checked on the mother’s welfare promptly after being alerted. A woman identifying herself as the toddler’s aunt appeared on the scene pleading with officers to give the child to her. A police source said that the victim suffered a miscarriage the previous month when she was eight months pregnant. The victim’s cousin states that she lost the baby after a domestic incident.

When someone has been charged with violent crimes, obtaining legal representation can be strongly beneficial. Murder charges, assault charges, accusations of rape or aggravated assault can have devastating effects on a person’s quality of life. Homicide charges and accusations of robbery or other violent crimes must be met with legal defense, from trusted attorneys assisting those facing a possible criminal conviction.

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