Alleged former mob boss on trial for involvement in fraud

Alleged former mob boss on trial for involvement in fraud

The federal trial of an alleged ex-mob boss turned restaurateur opened on Jan. 30 in New York. The man is accused of collecting gambling debts for an East Coast crime syndicate and running a health care fraud that involved bribing doctors to write fake prescriptions. The man’s defense attorney says he is being framed by other people who have an interest in trying to benefit themselves with the accusations. According to the man’s attorney, he simply has a gambling problem that has made him vulnerable.

The man once controlled an East Coast crime family of his own. However, after being targeted repeatedly in murder plots and serving time first for an armored truck heist and later for racketeering, he says he retired from the mob.

After his release from prison in 2011, the man moved to Florida and opened a restaurant. He was one of dozens of people who were allegedly part of the same crime syndicate taken into custody in 2016 for various offenses. Most pleaded guilty to reduced charges. Witnesses in his trial will include people who have agreed to cooperate with the prosecution.

Many offenses, such as fraud and embezzlement, may fall under the umbrella of what is often referred to as white collar crimes. However, people should not assume that these are not serious accusations because they are not related to violent crimes. They should also be aware that if investigators are asking them questions, it is possible that they are or could become a target even if that does not initially seem to be the case. Therefore, people who find themselves in this type of a situation might want to contact an attorney to discuss how best to proceed.

Source: US News, “Prosecutors: Reputed Mob Boss Orchestrated Insurance Fraud“, Tom Hays, Jan. 30, 2018