ABKLaw BLOG: Hon. Barry Kamins and Brooklyn Bar Association Wrongful Convictions CLE

Our #ABKLaw Partner, Hon. Barry Kamins helped the Brooklyn Bar Association put together a panel of experts for a continuing legal education seminar, “Wrongful Convictions: Causes and Preventions,” with Hon. Mark Dwyer, assistant DA Mark Hale, and attorneys Kris Hamann and Joel Rudin. 

” “Over the years, many task forces have investigated the causes of wrongful convictions and made recommendations,” Justice Kamins said. “The New York State Bar Association has had two task forces, one which I chaired back in 2009, which issued a report examining the causes of 53 wrongful conviction cases and identified six key causes — identification procedures, forensic issues, prosecutorial misconduct, false confessions, ineffective assistance of counsel and the use of jailhouse informants.” The Brooklyn Bar Association thought it would inform this discussion to convene a panel of experts, and they really are experts, who can weigh in on some of these topics and give their perspectives on the causes and prevention of wrongful convictions,” Kamins said. ” 

“Brooklyn Bar Association wrongful conviction CLE continues to look for lessons”  –Robert Abruzzese 

Read Full Story:  https://brooklyneagle.com/articles/2019/04/04/brooklyn-bar-association-wrongful-conviction-cle-continues-to-look-for-lessons/


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