ABK Law Partner Hon. Barry Kamins “New York Search & Seizure” CLE

ABK Law Partner Hon. Barry Kamins “New York Search & Seizure” CLE

The Kings County Criminal Bar Association (KCCBA) hosted our Aidala, Bertuna & Kamins P.C. #ABKLaw Partner Hon. Barry Kamins, the former administrative judge of the Kings County Supreme Court, Criminal Term, for a Continuing Legal Education (CLE) lecture on recent developments in search and seizure law at the Brooklyn Bar Association recently.

“Judge Kamins is a person who needs no introduction to our membership,” said KCCBA President Michael Cibella. “He’s the expert on search and seizure because he literally wrote the book. We’re lucky to have him here to give us an update on developments to search and seizure law.”

Kamins, is the author of “New York Search & Seizure” which is updated annually. In addition to being a past president of the organization, Kamins also gives regular updates on search and seizure law to KCCBA members.

#JudgeKamins will take part in a CLE at the New York City Bar Association on the topic of police credibility on Oct. 3rd, and will be joined by Lawrence Byrne, the NYPD Deputy Commissioner for Legal Matters; Alan M. Dershowitz; and Manhattan District Attorney’s Office Cy Vance.

From the Brooklyn Eagle‘s Rob Abruzzese, Legal Editor



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