An 88-year-old New York resident was taken into custody on Sept. 9 after he was accused of attempting to murder his wife with a hammer. The man and his wife, age 86, had been married for 60 years.

The accused man reportedly walked into the Garden Gate Health Care Facility where his wife was a resident. He then allegedly began attacking his wife. After the attack, he walked to the front desk where he told the staff what had happened. The man was reportedly not a resident of the facility. The wife was hospitalized with head injuries that were said to be severe.

The accused man was taken into police custody where he was charged with second-degree attempted murder and first-degree assault. He pleaded not guilty to both charges. Authorities reportedly did not have a motive for the alleged attack. He was being held at the Erie County Holding Center without bail. He was scheduled to return to court on Sept. 13.

Those who are accused of committing violent crimes, such as attempted murder and assault, could face severe consequences if they are convicted on these charges. Depending on a variety of factors, which could include motives, the type of weapon allegedly used and past criminal activity or prior convictions, the consequences could range from a lengthy prison sentence to life. Because a conviction on assault or attempted murder charges can be damaging, a criminal defense attorney may mount a strong defense against the allegations. For example, the attorney may show evidence that the actions were in self-defense or that the accused person did not have any intention of causing harm.

Source: New York Daily News, “Man, 88, charged with attempted murder after hitting his wife in the head with a hammer“, Jessica Chia, 09/12/2017