Moving Forward After A Personal Injury

An accident can interrupt your life. Physical pain can overwhelm your days, and nights may be spent worrying how you will pay your bills and support your family if you’re unable to work. At Aidala Bertuna & Kamins, we can help you get your life back.

From our offices in Manhattan and Brooklyn, we help individuals throughout the New York City area maximize their compensation after personal injuries.

Insurance Companies Care About One Thing — Their Bottom Line

If you or a family member has been injured in an accident, you need legal help now. Insurance companies will not take your claim seriously unless you have experienced lawyers on your side. At Aidala Bertuna & Kamins, we know how to make insurance companies pay.

Our attorneys are some of the most respected professionals in the legal industry. When facing our team, insurance companies know they will have to play fair.

We are skilled litigators and strong negotiators. We know what your claim is worth, and we pursue maximum compensation during settlement negotiations. If insurers won’t give you what you deserve, we won’t hesitate to go to court. Every step we take while representing your case has one purpose: protecting your rights and maximizing your claim.

We Will Fight For You

At Aidala Bertuna & Kamins, we don’t back down from a fight. We often take the hard cases other firms turn away. And we get results. We will fight for you.

Over the years, we have successfully represented clients injured in a wide range of accidents, including:

  • Motor vehicle accidents involving cars, trucks and motorcycles
  • Workplace accidents
  • Construction site accidents
  • Individuals injured by medical malpractice
  • Injuries caused by dangerous products

We also represent families who have lost loved ones in fatal accidents. We can’t bring your loved one back, but we can help you secure compensation to help ease any financial strain caused by the death.

Do Not Wait To Get Legal Help

Insurance companies will pressure you to settle your case. Do not give in. Contact our firm first. We will review your case — and any offer made by the insurer — and fight to maximize your claim. Call us today at 800-410-4804.