New York Mortgage Fraud Attorneys

We are still feeling aftershocks from the mortgage implosion that began in 2008, which exposed the misdoings of banks and mortgage providers nationwide. Few bankers have gone to jail, but prosecutors have gone after alleged mortgage fraud cases involving ordinary New Yorkers with great vigor.

At Aidala Bertuna & Kamins, Attorneys at Law, in New York City, we provide skilled, sophisticated defense against mortgage fraud charges.

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Did you know you can be charged with mortgage or bank fraud:

  • Even when the bank or mortgage company knew the information you provided was false?
  • Even when the bank or mortgage company employees abetted you in presenting untrue information?
  • Even if all the information you provided on your application was true, except for one datum?
  • Even if the bank or mortgage company turns your loan application down?

Mortgage Fraud Scenarios: What Do Authorities Say They Have On You?

There are several common scenarios in cases involving mortgage fraud charges. One is application fraud, in which inaccurate information such as altered paycheck stubs is used to get loans. In other cases, there may be a fraudulent appraisal or the use of a straw buyer to hide the identity of someone who is behind the transaction in question.

Our lawyers are very familiar with all of these scenarios and know how to respond to charges against you. Marianne Bertuna represented one of the most notorious and high-profile defendants charged with mail fraud. The defendant was charged in both Brooklyn and Manhattan. Marianne Bertuna fought the case vigorously and achieved an outstanding outcome for her client.

There has been so much confusion in the wake of the mortgage meltdown that prosecutors are charging many innocent or unwitting parties with fraud. Our lawyers defend all accused parties, insisting that the prosecution demonstrate beyond a doubt that our clients set out to deceive and cause harm.

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