Manhattan Identity Theft Defense Lawyers

We are awash in an ocean of identity information today. Identity theft, identity fraud and net-based identity crimes have become everyday occurrences. Charges of identity theft direct the collective power of law enforcement, banks and consumers against you. You do not want to face these charges on your own or with an inexperienced identity theft lawyer.

Aidala Bertuna & Kamins PC, assists New Yorkers accused of identity theft by mounting effective defenses against these difficult charges. To discuss how we can help you in your specific case, give us a call at 212-486-0011. We have offices in Brooklyn and Manhattan and serve clients throughout the New York City area.

What Does Identity Theft Consist Of?

We defend against charges of:

  • Internet identity theft: Making purchases online using someone else credit card information
  • Credit card fraud: Fraudulently applying for a credit card or making purchases with someone’s card
  • Bank identity theft: Applying for a mortgage, other loan or bank account
  • Counterfeiting or altering credit cards, driver’s licenses, Social Security cards or other documents
  • Check fraud and forgery: Signing false signatures on checks or debit card purchases
  • Publishing account numbers online or elsewhere

These alleged schemes often involve more than one party working at different levels. Our experienced lawyers defend people accused of working at every level, from high to low. We have the knowledge to take a case that prosecutors believe to be strong and break it down and weaken it, to minimize the harm to clients.

Arthur Aidala and Marianne Bertuna can work with you to develop a defense strategy that will reduce or dismiss the charges against you. We are persuasive in settlement discussions and vigorous defenders at trial. Even when convictions occur, as they sometimes do, we are adept at obtaining alternative sentencing outcomes, sparing you prison time.

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