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New law in New York City gives hope to those with criminal records

A new law in New York City, the Fair Chance Act, prohibits most employers from asking applicants if they have been convicted of a felony.

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New York may raise the age of criminal responsibility this year

New York is considering raising the age of criminal responsibility for most crimes from 16 to 18.

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Understanding the truth about eyewitness testimony

Eyewitnesses are often used in investigations but science and new evidence points out that they are often inaccurate

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What factors affect the legality of a dog sniff at a traffic stop?

A new decision by the United States Supreme Court limits the ability of police officers to use a dog to sniff the outside of a vehicle during a traffic stop.

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Why hire an attorney after a DWI arrest in New York

The risk of steep financial penalties, points on driving records, time in jail and more make working with an attorney after a DWI arrest a wise choice.

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Innocent man released from prison after serving 25 years

Studies show that eyewitness identification is unreliable and is responsible for sending a number of innocent people to prison

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Insider trading may be redefined if Supreme Court hears case

The Supreme Court is being asked to review a case that could lead to major changes in how insider trading is prosecuted.

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Breath test refusal laws in New York, the basics

If you refuse a breathalyzer in New York, you had better be ready for a punishment.

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DUI convictions in New York: A breakdown of penalties and cost

DUI convictions in New York come with harsh penalties, including potential jail time.

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Mandatory minimum drug sentence reform still faces challenges

In recent years the United State Department of Justice has substantially reduced its reliance on mandatory minimum sentences, especially when prosecuting low-level drug offenders.

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Identity theft is high on the radar of New York law enforcement

The consequences of a conviction for identity theft are serious and charges should be vigorously challenged.

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Making sure the Miranda warning actually helps

People who face criminal charges should understand how they can get protection from the Miranda warning—and how it may hurt them.

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A twist on intent: U.S. Supreme Court reverses wife’s chemical weapons conviction

What started out as a telenovela-style plot of revenge: A wronged wife placed two deadly chemicals upon her husband’s mistress’s doorknobs, mailbox, and car, hoping to make the woman sick.

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